Wolf Jewelry: Dances With Vogue

When shopping for jewelry, one can see two extremes in any motif lineup: the delicate, feminine extreme, and the strong, masculine extreme. Among the “strong” extremes, wolf jewelry stands out as a common favorite — it is, after all, the symbol of virility and independence, rebellion and complete self-possession. When one wears the most common types of masculine wolf jewelry, one is virtually saying, “I’m tough; don’t mess with me.”

But nowadays, a greater diversity of designs exists for jewelry themes, even wolf jewelry. For example: the popular fantasy comic Elfquest’s artist Wendy Pini has popularized the use of delicate wolf motifs, which are smoothly curving, streamlined and sensual without compromising the impregnable visage of the real-life wolf. Pini’s wolf designs symbolize neither male nor female, but nature as a whole.

Kevin Costner made a smash hit with his appearance in the romantic period dramatic film “Dances With Wolves.” In that movie he celebrated the qualities that are as essential to humans as they are to wolves: loyalty, honor, trust and freedom. Wolves remain a symbol of all these virtues. The moon is also associated very closely with the image of the wolf, as images of wolves howling at the full moon continue to be popular in today?s culture.

Wolves are known to be solitary creatures, but as a matter of fact only a few are known to be certified “lone wolves” — that is, wolves that have decided to leave the pack and hunt on their own. Lone wolves are rather rare, but their lives burn brightly; their achievements may not be acknowledged by members of their own species, but they are certainly remembered by the world around them.

Many people who identify with wolves fancy that they are most attuned to the lone wolf: the seductive outcast who is making his or her own way into the world, regardless of what anyone else thinks. In a way this is so: the lone wolf is often what is depicted in wolf jewelry, with its grim demeanor, quick wit, grace accentuated by speed and stealth, and the courage to find its own path through life.

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A woman wearing a fabulous dress with sensual shoes and her hair styled to perfection often feels at her very best, a woman can then ruin the whole look with the wrong choice of jewellery. As if the ?rules? for the length of the skirt, the height of the shoes and the colour of lipstick were not enough, women also have to worry about what they should and should not be used to make jewellery work for them.

Using jewellery intelligently does not require an in depth knowledge of fashion. Your choice and use of jewellery tells the world: “I’m not modest and I feel good, enjoy life and I?m feeling great about my appearance.” The main thing to remember is that less is nearly always more. If you are using a thick bracelet and a necklace, forget bling-bling and big earrings you don?t need to wear all your jewellery items at once.

When you want to use large and heavy jewellery, you should avoid clothing with heavy designs they just don?t get along. All-black clothing and all-white flat clothing, is perfect with big jewellery or colourful chunky items. Have fun with trends in coral and turquoise in the summer season. The last thing to remember is that the larger the stone the less real it seems. Big cocktail rings are retro-cool and very fashionable, but resist the temptation to wear them with a lot of other pieces of jewellery that are heavily encrusted, just let the ring is the focal point of your look.

Using gold with gold and silver with silver creates a more traditional look, but true fashion often revolves around a more modern look. The trick is, if you want to mix metals, maintain a similar style of jewellery. A modern gold bracelet does not look good when combined with delicate earrings of platinum or diamonds. This “fashion stacking” lends itself perfectly to a mix of metals, so you can combine rings or bracelets round or square in different shades of gold. You can even use necklaces of gold and silver together for a modern look, because sometimes the rules were made to be broken.

One great area for jewellery that is nearly always overlooked is the hair, especially if have a very full head of hair, designer hair accessories can very much help to enhance the natural beauty of your locks. Also don?t forget your accessories can use their own jewellery accessories to add to their appearance, for example, handbag charms can set of a plain accessory and make it more attractive.